Design Consultation

Whether you just want to refresh your living room or recently bought a new house and are starting from scratch, our Design Consultation services can help get you create your happy Alaskan home!


There are a few differences between traditional interior design and a design consult with Constellation Shopping Services:

Traditional Interior Designer

Works with you to create a design

Works with a team of professionals to execute design

Can change structure of home, including walls, plumbing, ducting, and wiring.

Works on large projects, including entire buildings

Typically high cost

Our Design Consult

Works with you to create a design

Provides you with plans and materials to execute design on your own

Cannot change existing structures

Works best for small, room-by-room projects

Low cost


What to Expect

Each Design Consult consists of three phases. What's included, cost, and timeline depend on which package meets your needs. 


Questionnaire + ConsuLt

You'll start by completing a questionnaire. Help me get to know you and your space better.  Share your thoughts, tell me about your concerns, show me what absolutely must stay. The better I get to know you, the better your final design will fit your needs!

Once I have reviewed your questionnaire, we meet in your space (this can be done remotely, too. Just ask!). This will help me understand your needs, space constraints, as well as include some practical work, like taking measurements and snapping pics. 

Review + REvise

After our meeting, I'll take the information I gathered and create a personalized Design Board based on your needs. You Design Board will come to you almost perfect- but you get the opportunity to provide feedback!

Take a look at what we've created so far. Give me some feedback. Love the couch but want a different color? No problem. Now that you're seeing some things come together, let's tweak it to make sure you're satisfied. 

Finalize + Order

Based on your feedback, I'll make some course corrections and send your finalized Design Board. Your board will include the pieces I've selected just for you, helpful tips for your space, and shipping estimates for items not available locally. 

Place your order! Whether you choose some or all of the pieces picked for you, we will handle ordering, shipping, delivery, and even assembly if needed- so you all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Design Consult clients get special rates for shipping items from their Design Boards! 


Consult Options

Refresh - $99

Update - $299

Overhaul - $499

For those that need to a small update to keep things feeling fresh. We'll update your accessories to create a lively, put-together space. 

Great for: Seasonal Updates, Holiday Decorating, Finishing Touches

You've got some foundation pieces, but need to build from there. Accent furniture, rugs, artwork, and accesories are all on the table.

Great for: Transitioning to new design style, renew aged looks, growing kids 

Start from scratch! Completely new furnishings, accents, art, rugs, and accessories. New paint scheme and flooring selections also be included.

Great For: A new home, a nursery, planning for a kitchen remodel